Pay the price of success now, or Pay the price of failure later

Month – June 2015

It’s been a few weeks, everyone knows time goes by fast!

We all have decisions to make, and most are automatic, like getting up in the morning and brushing our teeth, or having that cup of coffee  or two before we eat breakfast.   Some decision are not automatic, we have to think about them and fight to make the decision, even we may know we have to but it’s hard.  There may be great rewards.   Everyone knows its healthy to goto the gym, but some go and some don’t.  Everyone will agree by going to the gym we will feel better, live longer, and have more energy.  But most people don’t go, why?  it’s their decision, their conscious decision not do what they know will be good for them.

For me, well, I needed to make a decision, and I made it!  This decision was in my thoughts for maybe almost 2 years and I finally put my foot down and made the decision I wanted.  Most things that are good for us we don’t do, it’s our subconscious that is programmed to be the same.  My decision is to be different, and do different things so I can have my needs and wants met.  I have decided that today is the day, and now is the time (actually it was June 2nd I made he decision and acted on it a few days later).

I hope everyone reading this blog chooses to make a decision today that has been difficult to make in the past, but this decision will be the right choice for a better future for you!

Peace!  George


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