Pay the price of success now, or Pay the price of failure later

Month – July, “That Stops Now!”

Everybody says time goes by fast, really fast….  So fast that last year seems like yesterday.  Anyone agree with that?

When you look back at what you did with your time, ask yourself, was it for me or for someone else?  I painted my kids room, I cut the grass, I went to the gym, and I worked on my business.  But when I think of all the time it took for my “chores” how much of that was for me and how much was for someone else?  I recently caught a video on OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder quite amazing!  Once I learned most of my time was for someone else and not me, I started to think differently.

So, do we think for ourselves or someone else?  My first answer was I think for myself, until I started to think, and most of my day was for someone else.  When I goto work I was working for someone else, I’m even self employed but I was doing stuff for other people to make some money.  Then all the Emails, same thing, they were not for my benefit, it was something they wanted me to do like “click here”  or “i’ll need your service tomorrow.”

Now I know most of my time is for someone else.  That stops NOW!

What is important to us, to you?

Leave a comment please,  Peace – George


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