Pay the price of success now, or Pay the price of failure later


Week 21 – Truth and Prayer

Ever hear the saying “The truth will set you free!”?  Most people have, and the ones who say that usually are people who regularly go to church.  Now this is just personal experience that people who make that statement I know they are regularly praying in some form to a God they believe in.

Lets focus on Prayer, when someone pray’s they close their eyes, sit still, and think and ask for their prayer to come true.  Some people pray for long periods of time and pray very often.  This is “impressing the mind” which in turn can make their prayer come true.

The Truth is that what we think about grows, this is a fact, it’s called “The Law of Growth.”  We think of bad conditions in our life and the bad things magically keep re-appearing and that is their life.  Then we can think of good things and their life is full of good.

We can think of small things or we can think of big things.  We think small and the small appears, maybe a cold, or a headache.  If I get a headache, first thing I do is think of something else and magically the headache seems to go away until I look for it then it is there again.  We think or worry about something bad and we find undesirable conditions everywhere.  I know people who focus on the bad, every word and thought is how “bad” something is.  They don’t look at the positive.  Those people have health problems, money problems, and social problems (they don’t like talking to people, surprise you?).

What are we going to think of today, are we thinking of yesterday, today, or tomorrow?

Think of today, and live today as if it is your last day.  Why worry of yesterday, you can’t change it.  Tomorrow may not come, everyone passes away.  Live today as if it is your last.  And Live it BIG!

peace – George


Week 20 – When will I begin?

When will I begin?  How about now? Or should I wait, or should I just blow it off and don’t begin at all?

What if I need gas in the car, when will I do that?  Hopefully before it runs out and leaves me stranded.

What if the house needs paint?  Should we do that now, wait a year, or never?  Most people wait until they sell their house, then they fix it, re-paint etc.  Just think of that, Wait until you are going to leave and let someone else enjoy your hard work.  Why not paint today and enjoy the fruit of your labor?

Let’s discuss what is more important.  Gas in the car is important and always is done before we run it dry.  Paining we wait.  And paying the electric bill or mortgage, we wait on that too sometimes.  We need the utilities and a place to live, but why do we wait til the last minute to pay?  Either we are procrastinators or we just don’t have the resources.

Procrastination leads to the void of resources.  There are many things we can DO NOW to avoid the last minute crisis.  We know what we have to do, we know we should do it, but why don’t we do it?  Art Williams says “Just Go Do It, and Do It and Do It and Do It and Do It, until it’s done then Do It Some More!”

I have begun, I hope you begin now, it’s better for everyone.  Everyone is dying for you to “DO IT!”  What ever your bliss is, just DO IT!

Peace, George.

Week 19 – Extreme Thought

Lets define “Extreme.”  Extreme is reaching a high or of the highest degree.  We can have extreme light, and extreme dark.  Extreme dark there is absolute zero light.  When we add light, the darkness goes away.

In our thoughts, we can have extreme also, we can think positive and we can think negative.  Maybe extreme positive would be charged with happy feeling and everything is great, then the opposite extreme negative where there is sadness, sickness, and everything is not good.

We can have a blend of positive and negative which is neither positive or negative, it just is someplace inside less than the extreme positive, and more than the extreme negative.  Too many negative positive?  Sorry for that…

Thought has the effect of everything we have today, all our modern technologies, and things.  As we have thought of stuff, we then created the stuff.  And the more intense our “extreme” our thought, we created more extreme stuff.  We made it to the Moon, we landed on Mars, and what is next?

In our personal daily life, if we think in extremes they seem to manifest and come true.  Think of sickness, extreme sickness, some people are so worried about situations or stress in their life, they get sick.  What if we used the other extreme of happiness or good and imagine what our life can be like.  Others have done it, very successful people have done it, we hear the stories of their success and they did the extreme to get where they are!

In our business, extreme thought will move extreme obstacles and get us to extreme lifestyle and extreme love!

Week 18 – The more attention, the greater the interest…

Ever have interest in something, like hobby, home project, new car?  So we find something that we want to know more about, so we think and we give it more time and attention.  Like a new car, we tell ourselves, I want a new car, so the idea is planted, or the seed is planted in our mind.  We then water the seed which then starts to grow in to a small plant, then larger.  We want a car, we think of what kind of car, then we go do some research or shopping until we eventually get it.  We may do some very in depth research, like internet, carfax, consumer reports.  It may be fast or slow, but we will think and “water” our idea til it grows and manifests itself.

Just like every other human experience or thought.  It has once started as a seed, got watered, and grew as large as we wanted it to be.  This is a law of the Universe!

So what about our life, do we want a small life or a large one?  what are we willing to think about, how much time and water are we willing to give it?  What we give grows.  The law of attraction what we think about grows.

So lets think positive kind thoughts all day today, and let the universe fill us with love!

Peace, George

Week 17A – The Hero’s Journey

For anyone new reading this: What is the Hero’s Journey?  I can try to explain with an example of some kind like the first Star Wars movie where you have Luke Skywalker who is an average guy farming on a remote quiet planet.  Through the movie he gets challenged to take on the Dark Side, he has helpers like Han Solo, and the robots C-3P0 and R2D2, he also has mentors like Obi One and Yoda.  Luke becomes a “Hero” in the movie.

So what does that have to do with us?

I don’t think of myself as a Hero, and on the news you hear of average people doing something courageous and save a life and are called “Hero’s”

The Hero’s Journey…  from the dictionary : a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 

So if I (We, man or woman), have some noble qualities, and achieve something outstanding that takes courage we could consider ourselves as “Hero’s”

Unknown-150x150The “Hero’s Journey” as in the picture here shows the known and unknown and goes around in a clockwise direction.  My known is my everyday life, get up, goto work, come home, do my home stuff like with family and other chores, goto bed, and do it again, a cycle driven by the clock.  Familiar!

Now the “Unfamiliar” where I don’t know what is going to happen, and I may be reluctant or hesitant to do something i’m not comfortable with, but if i have some courage, some helpers and mentors this can be a little easier.  At the bottom you see the Abyss!  The Abyss is where everything is against you and you feel like giving up, but if you make it past that, you get “transformed” and come out with a new outcome.

We can all be “Hero’s” in our own life.

Example (put yourself here):  You want more time and money in your life but you don’t know how.  You are comfortable knowing you do the same thing every day until the end.

But what if?????  you take on a challenge to change the outcome of your life, like say you want to stay at home and raise your own kids.  To do this you will have to change a few things, like maybe make more money in less time to free you time so the free time is at home with the family.  The accomplishment of finding something, doing it, and succeeding where your new life is a prosperous bank account with all the free time to spend with family.  What does that feel like?  Would you be ok with a “better” outcome, that dream?  That could be your hero’s journey.

Peace, and I wish every “Hero” the best!


Week 17 – What happened???

file0001273226477So, what did happen this week?  It has seemed to go by so quick I could not tell you.  What did you do?

I know for sure I was thinking, and sometimes thinking very hard, thinking on my desire and what I am going to do about it.

The word of the week is “Decisiveness” and it was time to make a decision.  So I was thinking of my desire and making a decision to do something about it.  One day pasted, then the second day, and on the third day I got a little accomplished towards making a decision about my desire.

I desire to accomplish my definite major purpose starting now, but was a little slow.  However I was always thinking of it, and not doing it.  So let’s put a little “feeling” into it, I started to imagine what it would feel like to accomplish what I desire, then again nothing happened physically but I did think about it.  I kept the door shut on any negativity which tried to get in.  I understand it’s time to push and dig in starting now.  Easier said than done.

I have been letting the thought dwell upon my desire, concentrating on courage, concentrating on abundance, and concentrating on health.  Strength and Power is determined by mental attitude, think of success and hold it with definite purpose, and we will attract the things we all desire.


Week 16 – Kindness.

Kindness, for this week I have been identifying and looking for kindness in myself and in others.  It is as simple as holding a door open for someone, or allowing someone in traffic to move over or come out of a driveway in heavy traffic.

It’s amazing what you see when your eyes are open.  I’ve even heard the term “you can’t see the forrest within the trees.”

So the week has been a little peaceful, even when there usually is some kind of stress.  The thought of kindness and looking for all the kindness in everyone, it has proved that people are still good, and loving even in today’s hectic world.  I also have observed more, which means talking less, ever try that?  I am sometimes getting “George you are so quiet, why?”  I answer “i’m just listening, you have some very good thoughts / ideas or cool story.”

It’s been nice the week of Kindness.

Peace, and have a kind rest of the day.  Thank you for reading.

Week 15 – If you could have everything in 8 weeks from now, what would you do today?

So imagine, if you were desperate today, real desperate, like you were going to die, but the cure was available in 8 weeks from now, and 100% sure it was going to work and be great for you at the end of 8 weeks.  Would you fight for 8 weeks or would you just wither away in pitty and not make it the short 8 weeks?

A lot of events in our life that are “bad” or “unwanted” can be fixed with our own actions, and starts with a plan of thought.  Our thought opens up channels of every solution there is, and perfect solutions too.  Most of the solutions to our big problems we tell ourselves “Oh, that is impossible, or it’s too hard and that will never happen.”  We just thought ourself out of doing what we know is a perfect solution because we told our self we could not do it.

To allow in the right thoughts to make the right actions we must eliminate the wrong thoughts.  We must empty the trash to make room for the new.  We must get rid of old clothes to make room for new clothes.  You get what i’m saying right?

So we know we have challenges, and we know there are solutions, but we talk our selves out of it.  Why?  Think of a plant, it grows, has green leaves and roots in the dirt.  If we cut the roots from the bottom, or stop watering the plant, the plant will eventually die.  We can do this with the thoughts that stop us from doing what we know what we should do so we can achieve what we wish.

Back to the 8 weeks.  If we desire something that we don’t have, and we think we can’t get it, well, we’re right, we can’t have it.  What if we forget all that, and for 8 weeks we work, think, feel, push, believe, and do what is required, and have persistent continuous action, do everything like our life depended on it, knowing we will have what we want in the 8 weeks, what would we do starting today?

Week 14 – I am Everywhere, and I know Everything…

yes that is right, I am Everywhere and I do know Everything, but I am still working on total Power.  I know if we are in Harmony with the Universal all is true.  I have heard many examples from the Master Keys class of people having experiences, experiences that most people would say “you are crazy” but everyone knows things happen for a reason, that reason is we called for that experience.

Looking through a scientific eye, the universe is made up of stuff, stuff like matter, or substance which is mainly atoms and molecules.  Each molecule has protons and electrons, positive and negative, and have attractiveness to each other.  The electrons are everywhere and in everything.  So thinking, if we are all made of the same stuff, we must be alike, and if we’re alike we follow the same laws, Law of Growth, and what we think about grows.

So I have started to concentrate on if i’m in everything, everywhere, then I should have more Power and therefore open up channels of real life situations and create what I demand.  I believe because I know this, and I practice this, I have the power over the people who do now know and practice.  The results are in, and the truth has spoken.  I have seen this so many times, think of something and BAM it happens.

Good thinking everyone!  and “Cool Runnings” means “Peace be the Journey”


Week 13 – a week to think…

A week to think…

I live in the united states and my wife, the Marvelous Marie, her family is in the Philippines, where we are at for the 2 weeks of christmas and new years.

Tiger2I have been out of touch with my NWM team, and my daily life, kind of like a mental retreat, i have gotten to read a good book “outwitting the devil” while on the airplane, plenty of time to just sit and think.  With the time difference I lay awake in bed just thinking.

I have discovered I can think of my future self, back home I could not always do this because of the rat race.  So I think, as i go through my cards, realizing gratitude, NARC, and the Omni words of being present everywhere with unlimited power and knowing everything.

The week 13 video, enjoy the holidays as my future self, what it is like FEELS GREAT!

I wish everyone health, happiness, strength, prosperity, comforts and luxuries.

So i guess this post has been mostly “I” , well, “The Father and I are One!”

Peace, George.

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