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Month – July, “That Stops Now!”

Everybody says time goes by fast, really fast….  So fast that last year seems like yesterday.  Anyone agree with that?

When you look back at what you did with your time, ask yourself, was it for me or for someone else?  I painted my kids room, I cut the grass, I went to the gym, and I worked on my business.  But when I think of all the time it took for my “chores” how much of that was for me and how much was for someone else?  I recently caught a video on OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder quite amazing!  Once I learned most of my time was for someone else and not me, I started to think differently.

So, do we think for ourselves or someone else?  My first answer was I think for myself, until I started to think, and most of my day was for someone else.  When I goto work I was working for someone else, I’m even self employed but I was doing stuff for other people to make some money.  Then all the Emails, same thing, they were not for my benefit, it was something they wanted me to do like “click here”  or “i’ll need your service tomorrow.”

Now I know most of my time is for someone else.  That stops NOW!

What is important to us, to you?

Leave a comment please,  Peace – George

Month – June 2015

It’s been a few weeks, everyone knows time goes by fast!

We all have decisions to make, and most are automatic, like getting up in the morning and brushing our teeth, or having that cup of coffee  or two before we eat breakfast.   Some decision are not automatic, we have to think about them and fight to make the decision, even we may know we have to but it’s hard.  There may be great rewards.   Everyone knows its healthy to goto the gym, but some go and some don’t.  Everyone will agree by going to the gym we will feel better, live longer, and have more energy.  But most people don’t go, why?  it’s their decision, their conscious decision not do what they know will be good for them.

For me, well, I needed to make a decision, and I made it!  This decision was in my thoughts for maybe almost 2 years and I finally put my foot down and made the decision I wanted.  Most things that are good for us we don’t do, it’s our subconscious that is programmed to be the same.  My decision is to be different, and do different things so I can have my needs and wants met.  I have decided that today is the day, and now is the time (actually it was June 2nd I made he decision and acted on it a few days later).

I hope everyone reading this blog chooses to make a decision today that has been difficult to make in the past, but this decision will be the right choice for a better future for you!

Peace!  George

Week 29 – I don’t know what….

It’s been a while since i blogged last.  the 26 week class ended, but then got extended, a 2 week trip to Kauai for a live MKMMA event, and a Go90Grow event to better myself.

Detachment is something i did not understand but now I do.  Ever get so tied up in something or someone where you just can’t let it go, so what do you do, you keep on letting it bother you or it just consumes you.  These things consumed me, so I asked for clarification on detachment, and here is what I understood:  “Live by today, right now this minute, you can not do anything about what happens in the future, the future is later on, don’t worry about it.”

So i’m not suppose to worry about what happens next, I am only suppose to do what is right right now.  When I do the right thing, the future will be correct, exactly the way it should be, and I have to accept the future and take responsibility for my actions now that create the future.

There are the laws of least effort:  they contain the law of acceptance, the law of responsibility, the law of defenselessness.  I have accepted my current status, I take responsibility for myself and where I am at today, and I am going to be defenseless and not persuade others to accept my views.

These laws make peace inside all of us, and we can then live right now, today, in detachment of the future.  I do hope we all have a great future, so lets go do something good today, give a little of something, a gift, a prayer, just something you did not give yesterday and let it grow.

peace – George

Week 27 – Getting Better

Getting better, don’t we all wish everything is going to get better?  If you allow yourself to “receive” you should get.  Before you can “receive” you must make “give.”  Let’s just say a glass of water, it is empty, just air.  we must be willing to give away the air inside the glass as it fills with water.  Same for ourselves, if we wish to get, we must give.

What should we give so we can receive?  We can give good thoughts, good wishes, love, and many other good things.  Last night I gave some of my time to meet with a couple of good friends who were visiting from outside of the country (Claes and Maria Wallenberg).  During the evening Claes gave me something which I needed, some skills for my business.  and Maria gave me some ideas that help worked on my brain and vibrations (some master keys stuff).

I know I gave something to them to make their stay in the united states a little better.

We must give to get, and when we get, we get better.

Thank you Claes and Maria!


Week 26 – A Commitment To Myself

Class is over, i’m on my own.  After blogging every week for 26 weeks or so, this is a habit, and a habit I enjoy.  I like writing what is going on and giving something back to my friends and business partners.

I commit to myself and to my family, friends, and business partners that I will not quit.  I will persevere, I will do everything and take full responsibility.  I have turned the heat up on my habits, what ever I have done yesterday, I am doing more today.  I am living life as if this is my last day (It’s not but it’s in the scroll), and I create good habits, I laugh at the world, and tomorrow is a new day.

I make more calls than ever before, I give presentations every day, I give to everyone I come into contact with expecting nothing in return.  My life is full, my heart is full, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, rich, harmonious, and happy.

Peace to all of my friends, I wish you the best of luck, love, happiness, and that your DMP manifests exactly the way you have created it!


Week 25 – Wow, time goes by fast, and now “The Truth”

How time goes by fast.  It has seemed like yesterday when I did not know what I did not know.  Seems like time goes by faster and faster.  Twice recently I have heard about the “Dash.”  The “Dash” can be known as our time alive in our physical body, what did we do with our time?  Did we do something great, or just live and nobody knows who we even are.

What will you be remembered as?  What did you do to make an impact in your family’s future?

So what is “The Truth?”  The truth is the way things really are, not what we see, but how they behave.  Remember when the world was flat?  Well the truth is it is round.  Dogs know the truth, they know who to bark at and who to wag their tail for.

“The Truth Will Set You Free!”  Ever hear that one, I have heard it from religion, police officers, and the Master Keys.  Think, doesn’t it feel better to just be honest, and it does hurt all the way up to the point, but once we commit and surrender to the truth, BAM!  All gone and we are on our way to being better, feeling better, knowing better, and living better.  Once the truth is known, everything else revolves around that.


Week 24 – Make a money magnet of myself by making money for others :)

WOW!!!  Make money myself by making money for others!  “I Want Some!”

Ok, does this make sense ‘make money for myself by making money for other people?’

Yes it does in 2 ways:

1.    If you own a business, lets say a fast food restaurant, you have employees, and you pay the employees to work for you, and while they work your customers come in, order food, pay, and BOOM you make money!  Not so exciting does it sound huh?  Not to me.  Seems kind of like a normal thing, can even be a headache like an adult day care or something.

2.    If you have a “deal” where we help others make money by empowering them to grow, and learn some skills then we are talking something huge, something worth reading on for.  Lets shoot another example of a stock broker.  The stock broker has clients and the broker uses their money to invest and grow, when the broker makes money for his clients, the broker makes money too.  But… if the clients invest and loose money, the broker still wins and make money for the trading etc..

2.1     Back to empowering and teaching skills.  Some people have found a way to earn money by teaching skills to their students.  The better the skills are taught and applied to the student, the more the student makes.  When the student makes money the teacher gets a little bit based on the students efforts, a win win for both the student and teacher.  So when a second student sees the first student making some money from skills taught by the teacher, the second student goes to learn.  In a little bit of time, you have a teacher teaching a classroom full of students all making money and the teacher gets a small bit.  Everyone knows it’s better to get a small piece of a lot of people rather than a large piece of just one person.

I am a money magnet because I teach skills hands on and I give these skills away to all of my students.

Peace!  George.

Week 23 – The Abyss

abyssThe Abyss, def: “a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm”

Where do we see this “Abyss”?  In the Hero’s Journey by Joe Campbell, and in the movie “The Abyss” by James Cameron.

What does the Abyss have to do with today?  Most people don’t look at their life as a great adventure, they look back or ahead as to what they have and what they have done, some are good, some are bad.  Most people remember the bad and difficult and are surrounded by people and events that remind them of the “bad.”

So what does the Abyss have to do with today?  George Lucas’ “Star Wars” was one of the first movies to depict where there was a hero who was transformed from everyday average person.  There was numerous “Abyss” parts where Skywalker was going to die, or something just seemed like his end.

Again, the Abyss and today?  James Camerons’ movie “The Abyss” was a deep down place at the bottom of the ocean where weird things were happening, it was a place nobody had ever gone before, but once there it was amazing!

ok, so what about George’s Abyss?  I’ve been experiencing outside things, situations, and people, where I say to myself, what is next?  How much more worse can it get?  I’ve been through a lot, ups and downs, and this time is no exception.

So what is different this time?

This time I know it exists, it has a name, and i’m ready for it, bring it on!  Bring on the Abyss!  I understand that it’s a cycle of life, and I want to get it all, all the bad, negative, emotions, sadness, challenges, and everything else I left out.  Bring it on because i’m going to spit it out!

I’ve become a better person the past few months, and i’m looking for these bad things and my mind keeps on closing the door to them.  Something bad happens I let it go.  I have been trying to push myself to the Abyss and just get it done with and I just can’t.

Last night I decided to go off the grid for a few hours, if you include sleep, it was about 15 hours, no electronics, no lights, nothing!  Gave me time to think…. and think I did.  I was looking for this Abyss and could not find it.  I could only find good, forgiveness, love, and compassion.  After waking up, I had a new refreshed feeling.  If the Abyss over?  I don’t know, but if it comes back, i’ll spit that one out too.

Peace!  George.

Week 22 – What is important to me?

So, it’s late, I have just read numerous blogs from all kinds of subject from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey a 4000 year old myth, to an old indian saying that we have two wolves in our head, the 1st is of peace, love and joy, and the 2nd is of anger, hate, and fear, the wolf that survives is the one we feed!  Then we have the “blue print” in our head, there is an old blueprint and i’m trying to write a new blueprint, and the old blueprint just keeps coming back as much as I try to erase, forget, and write over with the new blueprint the thoughts and feelings that I want.

I plan my day early in the morning, I have my cup of coffee, steaming hot, smells rich and bold.  I have some morning mind exercises I do, reading, meditating, and planning.  So then I start my day, my physical day, going to the office, doing what I do every day and in the back of my mind I am thinking “Am I doing the right thing?”  I know the right thing is following my Bliss, or DMP (Definite Major Purpose).  The answer is NO!  I am not doing what I need to do to achieve my DMP, and I ask myself why?  I tell myself I have customers, I told them I would do their work (that is how I get paid by doing work) so here I am working.  I work til early afternoon, and I have another opportunity to give an hour or two to my DMP.  What do I do?  I have other things on my mind which need to get done and I “DO IT NOW”  but it still is not my Bliss.

The blueprint I spoke of earlier, the old blueprint is so use to doing the same old crap that is all that is getting done.  I want the new blueprint, the one that will give me the life I want, the life I imagine, to be great and a hero in my own life.  How do I give the new blueprint more power?  In the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” I ‘Master my Emotions’, ‘I create good habits’, and ‘I live this day as if it is my last!’ Sounds good right?  Yes of course it does, but I am torn like a tug of war game, between what I promised to do for my customers and what I promised myself.  and I Always Keep My Promises!

I do know from the mind preparation of reading, meditating, etc…  I am thinking differently.  I am observing what I am doing and what I am not doing.  This recognition of what i’m doing, and relating to what i’m learning and what I want, I am starting to assimilate what to do in my mind which eventually is being applied.

I use to speak to other people of what they want more of, how it feels for them to not have it now and being able to imagine that it could be theirs and lets go get it together.  At first it was choppy and was scripted, but now i realize everyone has same issues that I have, I am able to communicate on a higher level, knowing i’m omnipresent, and omnipotent I feel good, excited full of knowledge and love that I can do it.  I can re-write my old blueprint to the new one I really want.  And the best part is the next person I will help them along easier, faster, more fun, and above all, teaching them how to give it away!

Have a great day everyone!  Peace – George

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